Quests are achievements that when completed result in various rewards being earned. A list of the quests that must be fulfilled at any given time can be found on the left side of the screen by tapping on the "quests" icon. Typically, there are six quests waiting to be fulfilled at any given time, though occasionally, this number may vary. Each time one is quest is completed, a new quest will appear.

Completion of a quest results in the player being rewarded. The specific rewards are stated on the right side on the line displaying the quest. Rewards may include experience points (stars), coins, or gems.

Possible questsEdit

The following are some possible quests that may appear:

  • Exploration of a region. This will appear with a specific name together with "Explore 1 region." Though this will not state exactly which region it is intended the player explores, clicking on the quest will bring the screen toward that region.
  • Build x number of a particular structure. This may include one or more of such a structure, and these structures may be houses, shops, or factories. For houses, the quest will specify which color of that house must be built. Credit is not received until the structure is completely built.
  • Kill x number of a particular type of enemy. Credit will be received, even if the corresponding battle is not won.
  • Win x number of battles from the pirate ship. These battles must actually be won.
  • Use a particular hero (or sometimes a combination of heroes) in x number of battles. Credit will be received, even if the battle is not won.
  • Earn x number of coins from a particular shop.