Since Mousetown wiki is new and little known at this point, little has been written on the site, and we are looking for help building the site. Anyone who has useful knowledge about the game is encouraged to contribute.

To ensure the best for Mousetown wiki, here are a few policies and guidelines all are expected to follow:


Mousetown wiki is not affiliated in any way with the actual game of Mousetown or with Breaktime Studios.

Mousetown wiki assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information written on the site.


Mousetown wiki serves the following purposes:

  • To bring all known information about the game Mousetown to a central location
  • To provide information about any and all elements of the game
  • To provide helpful hints to those playing the game


Mousetown wiki is presently not complete and is missing a lot of information. This will be added over time as more work is done from contributors. Technically, as with any wiki, Mousetown wiki can never be finished, and there is always room for improvement.


Since all information found on the site is gained from the experience of those playing the game, and little else is known at this point through a Google search, contributors are encouraged to write to the best of their ability.

If one contributor believes something they are writing is more accurate than what was there before, they should explain that when making the change. Different players may undergo different experiences during the course of play.

Contents of an articleEdit

Each article should encompass one aspect of the game. For example, there should per one article per hero, one article per enemy, one article per structure, etc. The goal is to create these articles, even if they do not exist yet. There is no minimum length, so even if the article is short, it should still exist. There is always room for expansion in the future.

For some items that appear in multiple colors, they can be included all in the same article, with the differences between each described in the article. For example, there should be one article on each type of house, one article on each type of enemy, etc.

For different factories that produce the same item, there can be separate articles.