Gems, which appear in blue, are collected throughout the game, and can be used for various purposes throughout the game.

Gems are necessary for some purposes; for other purposes, there are alternative ways to gems.

The quickest way to obtain gems is by spending real life money on them, though it is possible to obtain gems for free in various ways. With patience, it is possible to obtain all the gems you will ever need for free.


Gems can be used to buy various objects throughout the game. Many of these objects can be purchased without gems.

Gems can also be used to rush a project that would otherwise take a long time to complete.

Gems can revive heroes who have become disabled in battle.

How to obtain gemsEdit

Gems can be purchased with real life money.

Gems can also be obtained as a reward for various accomplishments in the game.

Sometimes, it is possible to obtain gems by watching an advertising video. Viewing the advertisement one time earns one gem. It is sometimes possible to watch the advertisement repeatedly to earn many gems.

Tips to conserve gemsEdit

Many people like to play without ever spending a dime of real life money. If this is the case, conservation of gems for when they are really necessary is important.

  • BE PATIENT! Gems can be used to rush the completion of the construction of a project. But there is no need to finish it sooner to gain any advantages in the game. Rushing only enables you to advance to higher levels sooner. But you can still accomplish everything you need to in the game without rushing completion.
  • Avoid using gems for power-ups or to revive heroes in a battle. If you are losing a battle, try to fight for as long as you can, trying as best as you can to get super knockouts. Seconds before you are about to lose, retreat. When you retreat, you have lost nothing (even though you will receive the message "ha ha you lose"), and you will keep the iron bars and vines you earned from super knockouts, and you will get credit for using a particular hero in a battle when it is a quest.
  • Use iron bars and vines to upgrade the strength of heroes, not gems. You have the option of buying all but the highest level of weapons and shields without gems.